Garosci storico del Risorgimento

  • Daniele Pipitone
Parole chiave: Historiography, Intellectual history, History of the Italian Risorgimento


Aldo Garosci (1907-2000) entered the Italian university late in his life, after devoting his early years  to political activity. As a historian, he became famous mainly because of his studies on anti-fascism – which all had a clear autobiographic inspiration. In 1960 he was one of the three winner of the first Italian public selection for teaching Contemporary history at the university, and the next years he was appointed full professor at the University of Turin. Nevertheless, his chair was devoted to the History of Risorgimento, and he spent all his following academic activity investigating the 18th and 19th centuries. This article lists and analyzes Garosci’s scientific production in this field, which is far less known, focusing on the connection between historiographic research, political stances and philosophical orientation.
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