Scienza e vergogna. Considerazioni a margine di una mostra - “Science and Shame”. Some Considerations with regard to an Exhibition

  • Paola Novaria
  • Silvano Montaldo
Parole chiave: 1938 Racial laws, Science and Shame Exhibition, Turin Historical Archive


On the 80th anniversary of the racial laws promulgated in 1938 in Italy by the fascist regime against Jews, Turin University Museums and Historical Archive planned and set up the exhibition Science and Shame (16 November 2018 – 28 February 2019). Official records, books, journals, instruments showed how Jewish teachers and staff were banned from the University and how Jewish students were prohibited to enrol. The academic authorities, and particularly the rector Azzo Azzi, were zealous in apply the laws in minute detail. Some teachers too gave support to racist theories in their lessons and articles in University journals.

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