Il carteggio fra Giovanni Vailati e Vito Volterra

  • Mauro De Zan Centro Studi Giovanni Vailati, Crema
  • Chiara Pizzarelli Università degli studi di Torino


The correspondence between Giovanni Vailati and Vito Volterra, composed of about a hundred of letters from 1896 to 1907, reveals not only the dynamics of reciprocal collaboration in preparing and in reviewing their works and inaugural discourses, but also the effort of Volterra at helping Vailati obtaining a lecturing post in the field of the History of Mathematics. Furthermore this critical edition provides information about the international contacts of the correspondents and their participation to conferences. It also shows the richness of topics from different disciplines and the common conception of knowledge’s unity.

Key words: History of Mechanics, Mathematical Applications, Travels.

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