Cesare Goretti (1886-1952) Un profilo bio-bibliografico - Cesare Goretti (1886-1952) A bio-bibliographic profile

  • Filippo Domenicali Istituto Gramsci di Ferrara
Parole chiave: Cesare Goretti, Gioele Solari, Piero Martinetti


Cesare Goretti, who the city of Ferrara remembers as a «patriot philosopher», witnessed some of the salient events in Italian intellectual history between the two wars. Graduated with Gioele Solari at the University of Turin in 1909, but above all a pupil of the important philosopher Piero Martinetti, of whom he was also the lawyer, confidant and friend, during the years of the regime he showed uncommon moral rigor, stubbornly refusing any compromise. Secretary, in 1926, of the VI Congress of the Italian Philosophical Society chaired by Martinetti, and dissolved by the Fascist authority; protagonist of the adventure of the Rivista di Filosofia, one of the few heretical voices in aligned Italy of the 1930s; a refined scholar of juridical studies and at the same time a philosopher with endless readings, Cesare Goretti due – or perhaps because of – his upright moral structure came very late, only after the Liberation, to the university chair in philosophy of law, at the University of Ferrara. With his intransigence, Goretti embodied the example of an honest life, made up of patience, anti-fascism and rigor.

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