Esplorando la storia. Studi per Umberto Levra - Exploring History. Studies for Umberto Levra

  • Marco Carassi
Parole chiave: Umberto Levra (1945-2021), Italian Risorgimento, Political History, Social and Health History, Ancient Roman and Medieval History in 19th century


A group of historians offers to their master, colleague and friend Umberto Levra (1945-2021) the result of original researches mainly but not only about the Italian Risorgimento, that is to say the unification of Italy, concerning politics, institutions, personal dialogues and fierce disputes, charity, social and health assistance, use of history and strategies of historical museums communication, use for 19th century politics of Constantin’s roman imperial alliance between throne and Church and of medieval reciprocal influences among different ethnic groups installed in the same territories.

Memoria - Note e Interventi