"Narrazione per immagini”: la politica estera cinese nelle vignette editoriali del China Daily


In the dissemination of Chinese political discourse outside of China, editorial or political cartoons are considered innovative and creative tools to achieve a better publicity effect. After placing the analysis within the framework of the study of visual forms of political communication, the paper examines a selection of editorial cartoons on foreign affairs published throughout 2021 by the China Daily and disseminated through its website and Facebook page.

Drawing on the methodological tools of visual analysis and multimodal critical discourse analysis, the study focuses on the use of visual and visual-verbal metaphors and metonymies in the depiction of social actors and events. Considering the potential role of editorial cartoons in creating narratives and counter-narratives, the paper looks at the degree by which the cartoons analyzed convey China’s positions in relation to the identified issues and act as vehicles of persuasion. The aim is to explore the potential of the China Daily’s editorial cartoons in representing the status of great power sought after by the PRC and measure the projection of this image globally.

OrizzonteCina vol.12 n.2 (2021)