“Musicienne du silence”: the carp’s song by Ghérasim Luca

This work questions the music’s metaphor in Ghérasim Luca’s poems in light of the experiences they initiate. Ghérasim Luca, poet and artist, explores the meaning disruption within language: a poem such as “Ré alité”, presented as a music score, is based on a syllabic dislocation. This leads both to the spatialization of the text and to its phonological and material aspect appearing sharply. This can be construed as a writing experimentation that plays with the music of the sounds to signify the language frailty and the fecundity when it is recognized in its materiality. Indeed, the neologism “ontophonie”, invented by Ghérasim Luca to describe his own work, insists on the exploratory nature of the poetic process and defines an artwork where silence, sounds and voice appear as founding principles. From this perspective, the notion of performance becomes crucial as it highlights the very hic et nunc of the reading process (the creation being a “creaction”, as written by Ghérasim Luca himself in “Je m’oralise”).


Ghérasim Luca; French poetry; music; XXth century

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