The essay investigates the relation between the author’s creative writing and the poetry of a group of American writers who delineate a visible tradition within the national production. This poetry may be described as being written in a plain style, or a communicative,  “oral” – sometimes colloquial – language, which often relies on some form of free-verse, and thus entrusts its hopes for a natural but perceptible rhythm to the mimesis, or otherwise the skilled use, of intonation. The ground of the influence of these American poets on the author’s writing – which she has learnt to discern and cultivate in her own body of poetry – is precisely this new poetic language. The reason for the irresistible influence of the American poets’ lesson has been the indication of a viable path toward the discovery of a new mode for the contemporary lyric, after its shedding the excesses of the Romantic guise.

Author Biography

Paola Maria Loreto, Università di Milano

Professore Ordinario di Letteratura angloamericana

Coordinatore Erasmus


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